Writing With Gratitude

Creative writes palazzo donati 002
Palazzo Donati, Italy

I have altered the theme of this post several times over the past few days. It didn’t feel right – until I wrote alongside my student this morning. We worked on free flow exercises such as; ‘I’m thinking of’ and ‘I want.’  As always, the free flows helped me to focus and to learn about the journey my mind was making. It has been a time of change, surprises and challenges recently. It is times like this when you can really appreciate what you have. When I wrote this morning, the words that started to pour out, were words of gratitude;

“I feel grateful that I can take so many opportunities…I have people around me that are able to be honest with me.”

When we write in this way, we have to trust. We have to allow the words to take shape. If we think and plan too much before we begin, we may block the words and, subsequently, the truth. I trust in this process. I trust the words to guide me and tell me the truth, in the same way I trust those close to me to do so.

Creative writes palazzo donati 003
Palazzo Donati, Italy

One of the surprises that has come along recently, was the invitation to facilitate a Creative Writes Retreat in Italy this summer at Palazzo Donati, which is a couple of hours drive from Florence in Le Marche. As soon as I started speaking with Luisa Donati, who hosts their retreats and events – I knew it was the right place for my writers. I will be there to help enable their words to flow. The retreat will give us the gift of a space to write. We will have each other’s company and encouragement, in beautiful surroundings – steeped in history. For this, I am truly grateful. 

The deadline to register your interest in the Retreat is 15th May 2017. You can read more here, on the new Retreat page on our Creative Writes website. Thanks to Adam Wilsher at Crouch End Media for a great job on this:


Meanwhile, in Muswell Hill, London, N10 – my writers and I are keeping as warm as we can with our Creative Writes Themed, Weekend and Blocks of Workshops (Wednesday evenings). Coming up is the Treasure Box – Write Your Legacy Weekend on 13th & 14th May and the Themed Myriad of Objects Workshop on 24th May, followed by our Block of Three Workshops in June 2017.  Details and booking here: http://www.creativewrites.co.uk/courses/

Many thanks for reading, please ask me if you have any questions about Creative Writes. Comments welcome here too.

Bye for now,

Nichola x