Unfinished Stories

Creative Writes unfinished stories
Unfinished Stories

This month, I’ve been thinking about the power of unfinished stories…

The stories we write, the stories we think, the stories we speak, the stories we hear, the stories we read and the stories we wish to believe.

These are all treasures for writers, aren’t they? We can weave all of these stories into our own writing. We also have the freedom to lay words on a page and tell what we wish to tell – either the truths that make up our own stories or we can be illusionists and leave the reader wondering…

We often talk in the Creative Writes Creative Writing Workshops, about planning the beginning, middle and end of our stories – to give us a framework and prevent us from veering off track. I do remind writers in our workshops that it is fine to change our minds, go somewhere completely unplanned when we start to write. That is what happens in life, isn’t it? We may have a plan at the beginning of the story, a sense of the plot. However, a number of factors can contribute to unprecedented twists and turns in the tale. It could be that new characters enter the scene, or a character we thought we knew behaves unpredictably and this changes our story. This sometimes means that we never reach a neat conclusion or in fact, any conclusion to our story. That’s just the way it is.The story has, in fact – taken on a life of its own. It leaves us wondering and perhaps inventing different scenarios. We will never know which is the right one. Remember, we are all characters and we all play our part in stories.

Think of a novel, a stage play or a film, where the ending has not given you what you hoped or has surprised you. How did that feel? Write about the conclusions you drew from this. You could also try and apply this to your own life…think of a story you have been a part of, which has taken you off track – perhaps due to another character in your story. How has this felt? How did you respond? Did you build alternative stories & endings?

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post. Comments are most welcome!

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