The Currency of Words

Stories at Angkor Wat

Treasures from my travels…


I have recently returned from an adventure in Cambodia and what wonderful writing inspiration it was…

I could write pages & pages here but I have chosen some of the most poignant moments and thoughts to share with you from the trip. 

Something that became really apparent to me, was the need through time to tell stories. From the engravings at the temples of Angkor Watt to the recorded stories from survivors of the  Khmer Rouge, people have relied on stories to make their mark – open a window into their everyday lives, leave their legacy and even save their lives. 

I was reminded that stories should never be taken for granted. Words are an invaluable currency. Here are some quotes from recordings and articles I came across when I was there. I have been sharing some of these at my Creative Writing Workshops since my return.

TRY THIS!  Take a look at the quotes below and use them as writing inspiration. What new stories do you have to tell? Set your clock for ten minutes. Don’t edit, just write!

Silent Stories

“One night, I ran out of stories.”

“A writer with the tip of his pen can make the earth flip.”

“Cambodia has plenty of new stories to tell.”


Stories at Angkor Wat






Old & new stories

It was wonderful to immerse myself in a land that was new to me and to hear some of its stories. Equally, it has been a privilege to hear the stories of the writers in my creative writing groups, since my return. We continue our journey and we continue to build new stories – with history travelling alongside.

I love helping you to shape and share your stories. Join us at Creative Writes for help telling your story, making new stories and engaging your imagination. Words are our currency, whether that be poetry, prose or life writing. 


  • Themed Workshop ‘Keys,’ Wednesday 22nd November, 7.30-9.30pm:

We return to our regular venue North Bank/Muswell Hill Methodist Church in Muswell Hill, N10 with this popular creative writing workshop. You will be surprised how much writing inspiration Keys can bring! We will explore poetry, prose, life writing and of course use actual keys to trigger our writing.

  • Words & Wine Workshop, Thursday 23 November, 8-10pm, £29 for words, wine & cheese (and some festive surprises!). 

Secret Muswell Hill, N10 location! Not yet on our website. Please email for details & booking:

Previous Words & Wine Workshops were sold out. This is a fun, sociable evening with words, wine, cheese, chocs and some festive surprises this time around! You will be guided through a series of fast paced creative writing exercises. We will work in small groups and individually.

A block of three workshops give the ideal opportunity to become immersed in your writing, get to know your fellow writers and leave with a toolbox of writing ideas.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Very best wishes,