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Content writing for business, from Creative Writes. Content needs to be created for every business on the web. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that content is King and that the best content gets more reads, but how to generate it? You’ve got a workforce who all know their markets and their products, and who want to use that talent to create a better business as well as adding a skill-set to their resume.

Creative Writes can provide the framework and motivation to make writing content a simple and straightforward task. We offer day, half-day or early evening courses for staff in your offices so that they can add another string to their bow and you can generate content without having to explain it to freelancers or agencies. Creative Writes saves time & money and gives better end results.

If you’re writing lyrical whimsy or hard-nosed prose you need the same things:

  • A Title
  • A Plan
  • Some Research
  • A place to put it once it’s written

The nice thing about business blogs and content is that there’s always a place for it. Creative writers struggle to show their work even if it’s great – business writers always have an opening, but they aren’t comfortable with the content. We could help each other out here.

With Creative Writes, we develop a plan that fits your business and makes content creation a simple, straightforward and satisfying task.

  • We know how to inspire writing; you have the knowledge.
  • We know how to structure an article; your writers have the detail.
  • We teach you the framework; you create the content.

For more details and an informal chat about what we can do to help your people write more for your business, drop us a line. We use words well and our business is in helping people feel confident doing that. When words are your raw materials it makes sense to be as lean and productive as possible.

Here’s our Call To Action. We know it’s in the wrong place on the page, below the fold, at the end of the copy, tucked away so nobody can find it – exactly the opposite of where it should be. But we think that if you’ve come this far, you might just want to click on the link and send us an email to see how we can help. Email Creative Writes Here.