A Letter to Creative Writes

letter to Creative Writes from workshop participant
A letter to Creative Writes from a workshop participant

I recently received this letter from a Creative Writes Workshop participant. It has been shared with her kind permission. This letter is written from the heart and I don’t think it needs any further explanation. I hope you enjoy reading it…

Dear Nichola,

The topic of your post has reminded me that I still haven’t written to you to thank you for the writing course that I did.

A couple of months before I did your course, my uncle, who I was very close to, found out he was terminally ill with stomach cancer. He began a course of chemotherapy in the hope of extending his life by a year or two but he was in the tiny percentage of people who are allergic to chemotherapy drugs and he very rapidly deteriorated and died within a few weeks, at the same time I was attending your group.

One day at work, I unexpectedly got a call from my Aunt saying he probably only had another 48 hours left. I rushed up to Lincoln to see him and the following day he seemed a bit more stable so I was faced with a very difficult decision of staying there indefinitely in case he worsened again or saying goodbye, maybe for the last time, and going back to London.

I decided to write him a letter to say all the things that I would say to him if it was the last time I was ever going to see him and then I would never feel that he had gone before I could say goodbye properly. I’m not sure that if I hadn’t been doing your group at the time this solution would ever have occurred to me. So that is the second thing I want to thank you for.

I won’t bore you with too many more details of all this but after having the the letter ‘brainwave’ I found out I had only 10 mins to write it before I had to get back to the hospital before getting my train! So I went into full Creative Writes mode and found a quiet corner of the cafe where I was having a hurried lunch with my family  and didn’t think about what I wanted to say, I just started writing. 10 mins later I looked at what I had written and had no idea where the words had come from but they were exactly what I wanted to say. We rushed to the hospital and I gave my uncle the letter. It was a struggle but he was just strong enough to be able to read it. He said ‘well isn’t that something’ which was such a lovely, typically him thing to say.

My Aunt has kept the letter and says she still reads it to remember him for everything he was. I think she showed that letter to every single person who visited the hospital in those last few days and many of them thanked me for writing it. My brother in law said to me ‘thank you for saying all the things we wanted to say but didn’t know how’.

I’m not telling you this to show off about my writing skills but to thank you for allowing /helping me to unblock that connection between the heart, the head and the hand. So that is the third thing; I could think of more! 


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Bye for now,

Nichola x